Membership Fees and Categories

Producer, Breeder or Propagator
Any individual or business that produces cut flower and/or foliage products in Australia for the purposes of ornamental display, or is involved in breeding, propagating or supplying seeds/cuttings/bulbs for growing cut flower or foliage crops.   $50
Wholesaler, Auctioneer, Importer or Exporter
A wholesaler is any individual or business that acts as an intermediary between the grower and retailer and deals in the wholesale buying and selling of cut flower or foliage products.   $50
Florist, Floral designer or Retailer
A florist, floral designer or retailer is any individual or business that supplies floristry and/or floral design products and services to the end consumer.   $50
Allied Trader
An allied trader is an individual or business that supplies goods and/or services in relation to any sector of the Australian cut flower and foliage industry.   $50
Please specify your involvement in the cut flower and foliage industry
(e.g. Educator, Consultant etc..)