The Flower Association of Queensland Inc. (FAQI) offers a range of professional consultancy services to all of Australia’s horticultural industry sectors.

FAQI has successfully serviced the needs of the cut flower and foliage industry in Queensland for 26 years. Now, other horticultural industry sectors can benefit from the expertise of the FAQI team in a number of key service areas.

Whether it’s administration, information extension, event coordination or financial support services, we have the solution for you. With our proven expertise we will keep your members informed and engaged and support the smooth performance of your business operations.

Our management solutions are provided by a team with a proven track record in supporting horticultural businesses and industries. Our professionals include specialists in research, communication, extension, project management, marketing, social media, finance management and administration, with skills in all aspects of volunteer-governed organisations.

Our services can assist your association or organisation on a full-time or part-time basis. The services are designed to assist you in the implementation of strategies aimed at keeping your members connected and your industry growing.

Editing/proofreading/academic writing/industry writing

Preparing, collating, writing and editing a range of materials, including:

  • Industry newsletters
  • Technical factsheets
  • Media releases
  • Web page information
  • Research and project reports [Milestone reports, final reports (examples supplied on request)]
  • Research proposals and funding applications/grants
  • Scientific papers and other academic documents
  • Member updates and notifications

Desktop research and literature reviewing

Desktop research, information collection, collation and literature reviewing for academic papers, project reporting and industry communication.

Printed publication management services

FAQI Horticultural Consultancy can bring together supplied information and handle editing, communications with authors, and coordination with graphic designers and printers to ensure the delivery of professional printed horticultural publications.

Article writing services

Researching and sourcing information and writing of articles for existing horticultural industry publications, as required on an individual basis.

Extension material development

Preparing industry materials as the outcomes of research, to ensure extension of research efforts to your industry and maximise value for money from funded research projects

Market research

FAQI Horticultural Consultancy can carry out client and member surveys by telephone, electronic communication and/or via in-person interviews, to collect and collate key information to assist in your future research and industry planning.

Website analytics, management and advice

FAQI Horticultural Consultancy can provide you with the website analytics from your industry website to determine your latest website trends and your visitors’ or users’ preferences in terms of site features. Using these assessments, we can advise on potential changes to your website to improve communication with your industry members and other stakeholders.

Social media communications

FAQI Horticultural Consultancy can implement and maintain on your behalf, the latest social media tools such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and blogs to maximise effective communications with your industry members and other stakeholders.

Event coordination

FAQI Horticultural Consultancy has extensive experience in planning, promoting, coordinating and running industry events, such as conferences, workshops, field days and meetings. We can provide these services as well as follow-up services, such as preparing and disseminating minutes from meetings.

Research and project management

FAQI Horticultural Consultancy can manage your research project by assisting with writing milestone reports, keeping track of project activities, maintaining communications between all members of the project team and assuring that all final reporting is completed to the expectations of the funding body or other stakeholders.

Bookkeeping, accounting and secretariat services

Out secretariat services are a cost-effective option for organisations, in areas such as:

  • Organising and notifying members of meetings and events
  • Handling telephone, fax and email enquiries
  • Bookkeeping and financial management
  • Maintenance of financial records and preparation of financial statements

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