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QFF Weekly Bulletin - 14th April 2014

In our recent Flower Association of Queensland Florist Survey, Moerman Anthuriums received the most nominations as Queensland florists’ favourite grower. Congratulations Peter and Ilona! You get our 2013 award.

See Moerman Anthurium’s award-winning anthuriums


Where are all the flowers from?
Industry opinion on cut flower & foliage imports into Australia

In recent years, growers and others in the industry have been commenting on an apparent change in the quantities of imported flowers entering the Australian market. In general, most of the reports seem to relate to a steady increase in imports, which has raised discussion about the potential impact of these changes on the Australian production industry.

FAQI has heard the queries and concerns of the industry and has initiated a project to gather and compare published data on flower imports and domestic production. Information is being gathered from reliable sources, including the ABS to identify interesting trends and to eventually develop recommendations to overcome potential barriers to future industry expansion.

To commence this project we have today sent out the survey in the FAQI Newsletter. If you missed it in the newsletter, please take the time to complete the survey - link here https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LT772KH

Growing for Profit - Queensland growers using water efficiently

FAQI is proud to announce that “Queensland flower growers will be able to benefit from a follow-on project that aims to reduce the cost of water use on farms. The four year 'Growing for Profit' project funded by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines will focus on engaging growers to achieve a benchmark level of kilowatt hours of energy required to pump and lift a megalitre of water per metre head. Read more...

Extra $20M for state drought support welcome

THE Queensland Farmers' Federation has welcomed last week’s announcement of increased funding for drought assistance from the State Government, and adds that refinement and further measures will be needed should drought declarations move into the State's intensive farming regions. With the drought conditions spreading, attention was also turning to the worsening conditions for coastal farming regions, the Central Highlands, Border Rivers and Darling Downs.

QFF welcomes the drought assistance funding and approach from the State Government of looking at new options as well as comments from the Premier that he is open to suggestions for how to relieve the pressure of the worsening drought. QFF has welcomed the funding for community events and leadership training, which we see as recognition of the broad impacts of drought not just on individuals, but whole communities. The government could further improve on this initiative in the future by focusing on programs that keep workers in place. Such an employment initiative was used successfully after Cyclone Yasi. QFF will continue to advocate for improved drought preparedness measures, as we have done through the Commonwealth's most recent review process that started in 2008.

9th Australian Wildflower Conference

21st June 2014, Gold Coast Qld

Conference Program

Click her to register on-line or download a Registration Form

Venue & accommodation information

What Cut Flower is That? The essential care and handling guide for cut flower professionals

In 211 pages, this publication contains everything the successful florist needs to know about sourcing, buying, storing, preparing and selling 116 flower and 30 foliage products.  The book is printed on waterproof paper, making it more durable when used in the floristry and wider flower industry workplace.  Read more...

NZ flower growing industry under threat 

Local flower growers are being threatened by a recent influx of cut flowers, an industry spokesperson says. New Zealand Flowers Growers Association's David Blewden says volumes of imported flowers from countries such as India, Malaysia and Columbia started to increase earlier this year. "Imports of roses, lilies and carnations have skyrocketed.  Read more...

A number of recent applications have forwarded by DAFF in relation to imported plant material.

PEPICC Priortisation Callistephus
PEPICC Priortisation China Chrysanthemums
PEPICC Priortisation China Lilies
PEPICC Priortisation Columbia devitalisation request
PEPICC Priortisation Dianthus
PEPICC Priortisation Echinacea Rumhra from Kenya
PEPICC Priortisation India Lilies
PEPICC Priortisation NZ Lilies
PEPICC PriortisationRhapis with stems

Comment is sought on the relevance of the proposals to the cut flower and foliage industry so that each proposal can be prioritised.

There is a  60 day comment period which will end on 18 October 2013.

Please forward your comments to denyse@flowersqueensland.asn.au by the 18th September and to ensure that they are forwarded to DAFF by the due date.

Careers in flowers and foliage

The Flower Association of Queensland Inc. has developed Careers in flowers and foliage to showcase the people and professions of the Australian cut flower and foliage industry.  Learn more about how you can become a part of this exciting and rewarding industry.  Read more...

Market and Industry Development project to expand consumer usage of fresh floral products

Expanding consumer usage of fresh floral products is a goal for many members of the cut flower and foliage industry, from breeders, to growers, suppliers, importers, and wholesalers, and to retail florists and floral mass marketers. Read more...

The Australian Flower Council (AFC) is continuing with its commitment to build strong industry capacity, to make a real difference to the sustainability of the Australian cut flower, and foliage industry. Click here to read more about the AFC

Myrtle Rust updates and information.  FAQI's representative on myrtle rust is Nick Hutchinson of Cedar Hill. If you have any questions or concerns about myrtle rust, contact Nick at (07) 5442 3055 or nickh@cedarhill.com.au


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